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              Considerate after-sales service

              24/7 dedicated service and professional after-sales service


              Industry sector

              Our equipment serves food, daily chemicals, health products, agrochemicals, veterinary drugs and other fields


              Cost price

              Skip middlemen, let customers benefit, and achieve customers. Save your costs again and again


              Technical team

              Professional installation team to provide equipment installation services for customers


              Quality assurance

              Stable operation, long service life, use of well-known electrical brands, eliminate hidden dangers caused by quality problems


              After sales team

              There are many experienced after-sales personnel who respond within 48 hours

            ABOUT US


            Ningbo Caisheng New Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd

            Ningbo Caisheng New Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. It is the largest comprehensive company located in Ningbo, specializing in automatic packaging shrinking machines and various kinds of food packaging machinery, and packaging materials such as POF, PVC, PE shrink film, winding film, and body fitted film.

            Packaging equipment: mainly including automatic packaging shrinking machine, heat shrinking machine, automatic packer, semi-automatic packer, manual packer, automatic case sealing machine, pre stretching film winding packaging machine, pillow type packaging machine, labeling machine, vacuum packaging machine, pneumatic filling machine, automatic liquid packaging machine, granulator, automatic high-speed plastic suction packaging machine, body fitted packaging machine ...

            They chose us and unanimously recommended us



            • Sample customization

              Non standard customized equipment

            • Packaging Solutions

              Highly professional team

            • Field installation

              Professional after-sales team

            • Careful and comprehensive training

              Professional and normative training

            • Maintenance

              One year warranty, lifetime maintenance

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                Innovative products

                We innovate on the basis of theory and seek change in the actual production process. Combined with advanced technology at home and abroad, we are dedicated to creating automated production systems for customers. Get rid of the traditional huge manual production system, and reduce your cost to a price you are satisfied with, so as to gain sufficient competitiveness in the market.

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                Trusted suppliers

                Our goal: to expand every expectation of you, and to become a long-term partner with you, just like our existing customers. When you have such a demand, please do not hesitate. We will invest our time, knowledge and money to build a packaging solution to meet your needs, and let you maintain the advantage with your competitors. We will wholeheartedly provide high-quality and inexpensive products and related supporting services for domestic and foreign production teams.


            NEWS CENTER

            NEWS CENTER

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